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KMT Hospital, since its inauguration, has grown to become a well-equipped and modern medical centre. It has facilities that must rank among the best in the region. But there are still requirements, fulfilment of which would help the Hospital to grow still further and serve more people even better. These include -

  • Laying Roads
  • Buying CT Scan Equipment
  • Extension of Outpatient Department
  • Buying a Water Tanker to supply drinking water
  • Conducting PG Diploma in Hospital Management and Hospital Administration courses

As one can see, these objectives would require deployment of greater resources. You could help us in this task by contributing generously.

Remittances may be sent to:

Kayalpatnam Medical Trust
Central Bank of India
Account No.222
Kayalpatnam - 628 204

Kayalpatnam Medical Trust
Indian Overseas Bank
Account No.84
Kayalpatnam - 628 204

KMT Hospital assists financially poor/destitute Muslims and people from other communities by helping them reduce their hospital bill during the course of their treatment. This is done through our Zakath and Poor Funds.

We are happy that we have been able to extend our help by disbursing Rs.12,24,074/- out of Zakath Fund to 1484 needy Muslim patients and Rs.3,49,857/- out of Poor Fund to 514 other destitute patients - between September 2007 and July 2008.

However, we are still disappointed that the response to our appeals for Zakath Fund/Poor Fund is not encouraging. By God's grace, if we receive generous funds, we will be able to help poor people on a larger scale in times of need and thereby invoke God's pleasure and blessings.

Zakath Fund Poor Fund
Year Beneficiaries Amount (Rs) Beneficiaries Amount (Rs)
1995 - Oct 2001 2096 11,26,473 1257 3,55,136
Nov 2001 - Oct 2002 674 4,16,804 202 1,29,108
Nov 2002 - Sept 2003 574 5,16,948 215 1,36,580
Oct 2003 - Sept 2004 961 7,81,415 253 4,02,357
Oct 2004 - Sept 2005 979 7,30,729 228 1,54,766
Oct 2005 - Aug 2006 1329 9,92,322 266 1,60,372
Sept 2006 - Aug 2007 1540 10,27,164 343 2,04,872
Sept 2007 - July 2008 1484 12,24,074 514 3,49,857
Total 9637 68,15,929 3278 18,93,048

Apart from philanthropic generous contributions, if those well wishers of KMT contribute to our Zakath Fund from their Zakath obligations ordained by Allah, we will be able to help our patients in the field of Maternity, Uterus Operation, Heart problems and other surgeries.

These require substantial expenditure and are a severe drain on the poor's purse. Hence we appeal to generous hearts to contribute to our funds and also motivate their friends to take part in this noble cause to mitigate the sufferings of poor people. Allah will reward those compassionate souls in this world and in the world hereafter.

Remittances may be sent to:

KMT Hospital Zakath Fund

SB # 6153 0100 8834
Kayalpatnam - 628 204

KMT Hospital Poor Fund

SB # 6153 0100 8833
Kayalpatnam - 628 204

Those who intend to send donations through Demand Draft or Cheque, please prepare them in the names of KMT Hospital Zakath Fund or KMT Hospital Poor Fund as the case may be.

Those who are sending their contributions by Money Order may send them to President, KMT Hospital, Kayalpatnam. Contributions can also be made in person at the KMT Office and the receipt collected.

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