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The history of Kayalpatnam Medical Trust (KMT) Hospital dates back to 1984. On the last day of Buhari Sharif celebrations that year, Haji S.D. Syed Mohamed Buhari and Haji T.A.S. Mohamed Aboobucker were at the Beach. Hundreds of men and women in and around Kayalpatnam had gathered there on that evening, but a different picture played before the eyes of the two.

It was the sight of Kayal women, travelling to nearby towns in their dozens, to attend to their ordinary medical needs. Many of the poor would even have borrowed large sums of money to meet such expenses. It was apparent to the two that only the presence of quality and affordable medical care within the town itself can obviate this affliction.

Both of them then consulted Late Haji M.S.M.Ibrahim (AVS)and Haji S.M.M. Sadakathullah at Zavia. The idea then began to gather momentum. Soon,the following prominent citizens of the town viz Haji L.K.Shaik Mohamed, Late Haji Wavoo S Magudoom Mohamed, Haji M.M.Uvais, Late.Haji V.M.S.Lebbai, Haji Kulam Sham, Late.Haji A.K.Shaik, Late.Haji M.K.K.T.Hassan, Haji S.M.Miskeen Sahib Fasi, Late S.M.Hajiyar, Haji Katheeb Mohamed Saleem, Haji Dr.Mohamed Thamby, Haji P.S.M.Buhary, Haji S.L.Shahul Hameed, Haji P.A.Shaik, Haji Wavoo S. Syed Abdur Rahman, Haji S.O.Mohideen, Haji Wavoo S Abdul Gaffar, Haji L.S.Ibrahim, Haji N.K.M.Ibrahim consulted each other at a meeting held at the residence of Haji Wavoo S Mogudoom Mohamed and finally, it was decided that a trust would be formed for this purpose. Due to encouragement and instant financial assistance from Haji S.Akbar Shah, the founders got the necessary filip and enthusiasm to proceed with confidence in this project.

Haji LK Shaik Mohamed
Haji Wavoo S Magudoom
Haji MM Uvais
Haji VMS Lebbai
Haji PA Shaik
Haji MSM Ibrahim (AVS)
Haji TAS Aboobucker
Haji SD Buhari
Haji SMM Sadakathullah
Haji S Akbar Shah
Haji LS Ibrahim
Haji Wavoo S Abdul Gaffar

On October 21st, 1984, the name of Kayalpatnam Medical Trust was registered with twelve settlors. A vast, barren land measuring 39,000 sq mtr (9.6 acres) was acquired at Quaid-e-milleth Nagar on the Tuticorin-Tiruchendur Highway for the construction of the Hospital and the related facilities. This land was registered on the 31st of October, 1984.

On the Arafath day (August 26th, 1985), the foundation for the hospital buildings was laid by Haji L.K. Shaik Mohamed and Haji Wavoo S Mogudoom Mohamed and the construction duly began. The then Prime Minister of India, Mr Rajiv Gandhi, laid the foundation for the construction of the Doctors' Quarters on October 4th, 1988.

The construction of the Hospital finally got going in 1990 and it was inaugurated on the 4th of March, 1990 by the then Minister in the Tamil Nadu government, Mr. K P Kandasamy. The Collector of Chidambaranar (now Tuticorin) district, Mr. Kanakasabapathy presided.

Since that momentous day in 1990, KMT hospital has grown by leaps and bounds. Many new facilities have been added and more and more people, not just from within the boundaries of Kayalpatnam, but even beyond, have started utilising the facilities.

The development of the Hospital has been greatly assisted by many people - of Kayalpatnam, other places and even overseas. The Hospital would certainly need such continued and generous support from its well-wishers for it to continue its service to the people with the same quality, vigour and devotion.

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